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Ohio Medicare Supplement Insurance

If you're an Ohio resident looking to supplement your traditional Medicare benefits, take note: all supplement programs are not created equally.

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What is a Medicare Supplement?

Ohio Supplemental policies are offered to certain Medicare recipients to help provide coverage for services, procedures and medical items not covered by Medicare, reducing out-of-pocket expenses as a result.

First, it's important to note that Medicare supplements are available to Ohio Medicare beneficiaries who are enrolled with the original Medicare A and B. It can also be offered to those residents who are currently enrolled in Medicare Advantage.

Medicare A

Medicare A is also known as Medicare hospital insurance. Under this plan, Medicare benefits pay for all but $1,024.00 of your expenses during a hospital stay in each benefit period. Payments are made for reasonable and necessary care during the initial 60 days of any hospital stay. After those 60 days, the patient will be responsible for $256 each day for covered services for the following 30 days, up to 90 days of hospitalization. For days 91 through 150, the patient will be responsible for $512 in covered charges for each day of hospitalization. From the 151st day forward, Medicare pays none of the expenses of a hospital stay.

It is important for Medicare patients to note that under this plan, all hospitalization days are considered Lifetime Renewable Days, and may only be used once.

Charges for stays in nursing homes or other skilled nursing facilities may be paid under Medicare only if the facility is certified by Medicare. Patients must be hospitalized for at least three days, and be admitted to the skilled nursing facility within 30 days of being discharged from the hospital. Provided the patient receives skilled care, the initial 20 days of admission to the skilled nursing facility are covered 100 percent by Medicare. During days 21 to 100, the patient is responsible for $128 in costs, and beyond day 100, Medicare does not pay for any charges.

Home health care services may be covered for certain patients, provided specific conditions are met. Under these benefits, home health care services include occupational and physical therapy, skilled nursing services, and speech therapy, as long as these services are provided by a home health service that has been certified by Medicare, and as long as the services are deemed to be medically necessary. In addition, if the treating physician designs a program of care that requires the use of durable medical equipment, Medicare will cover up to 80 percent of the cost of the equipment.

Hospice coverage is provided for patients certified as terminally ill, with a benefit divided into two 90-day periods and one 30-day period. An additional extension may also be covered if certified and approved.

Medicare B

Because of its added coverage benefits, part B is usually considered a wise investment for most seniors. In 2009 the monthly premium for Part B plans was established at under $100, with an annual deductible of $135. Once the deductible is satisfied, Medicare pays for 80 percent of approved charges.  Part B focuses most on Outpatient services, X-ray, lab work, or any procedures or tests that take place out of the hospital. 

When an Ohio senior only had Medicare A and B, they are NOT fully covered, hence the need for an Ohio Supplement to cover the many gaps.


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